AT&T Smart Limits Terms & Conditions


These AT&T Smart Limits Terms and Conditions ("Terms") are in addition to the terms in your applicable AT&T Wireless Customer Agreement and applicable rate plan. AT&T Smart Limits for wireless service ("the Service" or "Smart Limits") requires a compatible device on a postpaid plan and is not available for AT&T prepaid phones or corporate accounts. Internet access is required to manage your Smart Limits settings. Smart Limits may not work outside AT&T network coverage areas. If you are accepting these Terms as the account holder for an AT&T wireless account for which there are multiple devices, you are accepting these Terms on behalf of each user of your device(s) including, without limitation, any minors or children who are authorized users of device(s) assigned to your account. You agree to be responsible for all activities and purchases occurring under your account and for all authorized users of devices associated with your account. You understand and agree that even if you are not the account-holder for your device, your purchase and use of AT&T Smart Limits is subject to these Terms and the other applicable terms.

You are responsible for implementing and maintaining Smart Limits settings for devices on your wireless account and explaining the limitations you impose on a user’s ability to access and use AT&T’s wireless services. Upon activation of Smart Limits, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee until you cancel the Service, regardless of whether or not you have set any of the Smart Limits restrictions, limits and/or other available features. The monthly subscription fee will be billed to the applicable AT&T wireless account for your device. Taxes may apply. All voice, data and messaging usage will be billed in accordance with the applicable plan, feature or bundle. If you cancel the Service, or are canceled for non-payment, or are otherwise suspended from the Service, your settings will be lost.

In the event of any conflict between these Terms and your Wireless Customer Agreement and rate plan terms, your Wireless Customer Agreement and rate plan terms will govern with respect to the issue(s) in conflict.

Important Service Limitations and Restrictions

Due to roaming, billing cycles, time zone settings, specific settings selected and other limitations that affect Smart Limits, you may incur overage charges based on actual usage in accordance with your plan despite having set certain limits. You may also be prevented from fully using all minutes, messages or data usage (KBs/MBs) included in your plan for similar reasons. Specific information about limitations and restrictions will be made available when you establish your settings. Please read this information carefully before selecting the setting.

After the Smart Limits feature has been added, the device must start a new data session for the data limits/restrictions to take effect. This can be done by power-cycling the device (turning your phone off and then turning it back on). After the initial power cycle, any changes to the Data Limits or Time of Day Restrictions features may take up to an hour to take effect unless the device is power-cycled again.

Smart Limits does not limit or restrict data usage on certain devices (i.e. Blackberrys except BlackBerry LTE devices), Tablets, or while the user is in Wi-Fi mode. Smart Limits data limits/restrictions are not guaranteed to be precise due to network or other technical limitations. Smart Limits may over-count or undercount your actual usage.

You are responsible for keeping the time zone setting for each device current and adjusting limits as necessary following any messaging or data plan changes. An incorrect time zone can result in inaccurate enforcement of usage limits and time restrictions. In some instances, Smart Limits may not fully enforce Time of Day Restrictions.

Text Messaging Limits applies to text messages only, and does not limit or restrict the use of multi-media messages (MMS) or premium charges that apply to premium text messages such as voting on the outcome of television shows and subscription services such as sports scores and horoscopes.

Purchase Limits allows you to set a monthly dollar limit for premium purchases (apps, games, etc) that are direct-billed to your AT&T Wireless Customer account. Purchase Limits does not block and will not restrict credit card purchases from smartphone app stores.

Smart Limits does not block or restrict Push to Talk service, outbound messages from AT&T Messages web site or tablet, Video Share, Visual Voicemail (VVM) and voicemail, DataConnect, LaptopConnect, tethering (connecting a wireless device to a laptop), BlackBerry email and BlackBerry® Connect services.

Unlimited services may be limited by the parameters you set in Smart Limits. For example, unlimited messaging will be capped at the Text Messaging Limits you set. You can change or remove the limits you set at any time.

There may be methods which allow Smart Limits to be circumvented.

If you are on a plan which includes domestic and/or international roaming charges, Smart Limits does not block these charges. Limits and restrictions you set in Smart Limits may not be enforced while roaming.

Smart Limits cannot currently be used to set specific monthly limits for minutes. All incoming calls are allowed at all times except from numbers you designate as “Blocked Numbers.”

Allowed and Blocked Numbers work for enabling and blocking voice calls and text messages only and do not enable or prevent the use of instant messaging sent/received using Over the Top (OTT) applications (e.g., iMessages, WhatsApp, etc), MMS messaging or Video Share. You cannot block 911 or 611 calls. When you use Blocked Numbers, you will not receive notification of attempted delivery of a call/message from the blocked contact. The Blocked Numbers feature does not restrict calls using OTT applications such as Skype.

We recommend that you set your own phone number and the phone numbers of devices authorized on your account as Allowed Numbers so that you and your children can continue to call and text each other regardless of limits or restrictions you set in Smart Limits. Calls and Text Messages to and from Allowed Numbers may result in overage charges. There may be instances where an incoming call from an Allowed Number cannot reach your child when Smart Limits restrictions are in effect or an incoming call or text message from a Blocked Number is not blocked from reaching your child. For example, if the calling party number (Caller ID) on incoming calls is not available, Smart Limits cannot recognize it as an Allowed or Blocked number.

You may cancel the Service at any time by going to or calling AT&T Customer Support at 800-331-0500 (or 611 from your Device) to request cancelation of the Service, or going into an AT&T retail store.

AT&T reserves the right to terminate your Service with or without cause. These Terms and available features of the Service are subject to change at any time. AT&T will not be liable to You for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Service or of any of its features.

Unless and until you or AT&T cancel or terminate your Smart Limits service, your applicable AT&T Wireless Customer account will continue to be charged the monthly fee for the Service. If the Service is canceled or terminated, the monthly Service fee will not be prorated.