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AT&T Phone
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Digital home phone service that works over your internet connection.
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Traditional home phone

Choose from flat-rate service, unlimited local calling, and long distance plans.

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Making phone service affordable

AT&T believes everyone should have access to a phone. Our discounted plans make basic phone service more affordable for qualified customers.

Home phone & accessories

Cordless and corded telephones, office solutions, and home phone features to make your life easier.


  • Do home landlines still exist?

    Yes, home landlines still exist.

    Not only are traditional home phone landlines still offered by AT&T, home phone service may be powered by our fiber-optic network where available.

  • Are landline phones analog or digital?

    Landline telephones are traditional home phone service, you can use your analog phone.


    Traditional home phone service is available with the choice of flat-rate service, unlimited local calling, and long-distance plans.


    AT&T also offers digital home phone service  that works over your internet connection. AT&T Phone digital home phone service offers more calling features and requires a separate AT&T Internet plan of 1.5 Mbps or higher.

  • What is a digital home phone?

    Digital home phones are home telephones that use VOIP (voice over IP) technology to deliver telephone service over an internet connection. AT&T digital home phone service operates similarly as a traditional landline – calls can be made by dialing a number and can be ended by hanging up the handset.

    Digital phone service also comes with several additional features. AT&T Phone lets users make and receive calls over their AT&T high-speed internet connection, with over 25+ convenient calling features and delivers great sound quality.

  • What are the benefits of digital phone service?

    Some additional features that are available with digital phone service from AT&T Phone are:

    Convenience features that make using AT&T Phone take less time

      • Voice Mail included at no extra charge.
      • Call Screening and Do Not Disturb features  

    Protection from unwanted calls

      • Digital Phone Call Protect, an included service that automatically blocks calls from scammers and sends an alert if a call is suspected spam1.   
      • Block unwanted calls by dialing *61 (up to 100 valid numbers).
      • Phone service utilizes the same AT&T internet connection which has 99.9% reliability.2

    Advanced emergency features for peace of mind

      • Home address displays to E911 operators.3

    1 Req’s customer opt-in and activation through myAT&T app.  For more info, go to

    2 Based on network availability.

    3 Some state and local agencies require VoIP providers to collect a fee for 911 calling capability. If you live in an area where fees are required, those fees will be added to your monthly bill.