Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions

1) Free nationwide Directory Assistance from AT&T. And it’s free from any phone. Cell. Home. Work. Of course you may be charged minutes on your cell phone dependant upon the type of plan you have.
2) Callers who request a business listing through 1-800-YellowPages will listen to short audio ads, each 5-10 seconds in length, before receiving a business listing. They can request a number for a specific business or request a listing by type of business (for example, asking for “florists”).
3) AT&T 1-800-YellowPages is currently available across all 50 states.
4) Yes. 1-800-YellowPages gives callers access to any listed number.
5) Sales reps will be soliciting national and local advertisers. Advertisers can also call 1-800-411-9675 to place orders or for more information.
6) Ad package prices are dependent on a number of factors, call 1-800-411-9675 today for a free quote.
7) Not if you purchased a Requested Listing Ad. The caller would then only hear your ad played.
8) The advertising messages are professionally recorded and managed by a highly experienced client service and sound production team. Of course, you can also use your own ad as a long as it’s professionally produced (.wav or .mp3 of CD quality or greater).
9) Every month, in addition to your invoice, you will receive a Marketing Report detailing ad play.
10) Currently, we offer 1-800-YellowPages in English.
11) To place an order for an ad in the Yellow Pages print directory, call 1-800-479-2977 and you will be connected to the Customer Service Center in your area.
Number to Call with Questions: 1-800-411-9675
Benefits to the Caller

• Advertisers pay for callers to receive free directory assistance.
• Receive the same high quality service as you expect from AT&T.
• Retrieve the same information as from online Directory Assistance without having to access the Internet.
• Get listings even when a phone book is not available.
• Program
1-800-YellowPages to a speed dial to get free Directory Assistance, by simply dialing one or two numbers.