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Razer Seiren X USB Microphone


Color: Black is unavailable

Razer Seiren X USB Microphone - Black isn't avalible.


Whether you’re a streamer looking to produce quality content, or someone who requires a solid video call setup for everyday communication, say it loud and clear with the Razer Seirēn X. Using a supercardioid pickup pattern, sound is recorded at a tighter angle, reducing unwanted background noise and allowing you to deliver your voice loud and clear. The built-in shock mount dampens vibrations to help protect your stream against sound anomalies. Compact and sleek form factor allows the Razer Seirēn X to deliver a superior audio broadcasting experience while remaining as portable and unobtrusive as possible. Razer Seirēn X has extended frequency and transient response, which swiftly picks up different levels of sound and a wider range of nuance, so your voice is clearly and precisely captured—making your stream more professional-sounding. With zero latency monitoring, you don’t hear the echo effect that can distract you from your work.