Clckr Neon Phone Grip - Pink

Clckr Neon Phone Grip



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  • CLCKR is a patented universal & multi-functional phone grip enabling a firmer hold, comfy handle, and multiple viewing positions. It prevents dropping your phone and tired fingers. CLCKR is ultra strong, softly padded, flexible, and highly useful. Thin, stylish & easy to apply using 3M adhesive, which does not leave residue. Whether you are making an effort to take the perfect selfie, want to watch a video, or stop your phone from dropping on your face when lying down.

    Key Features

    • Universal grip for smartphones, tablets, and everything you want to get a hold of.

    • Provides safer use of your smartphone, preventing drops and sad faces.

    • Easy one-hand usage for screen optimization.

    • Clickable into cinema, selfie, and portrait mode that gives your hand a mini-break.

    • Reusable 3M adhesive—residue-free attachment on devices.

    Patent pending design. CLCKR® is a registered trademark of Telecom Lifestyle Fashion B.V. Designed in the Netherlands. Made in China.

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