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Setup process

This tutorial shows how to setup the watch.

  1. From the app store on your smart phone, tap Search.
    device 2810/1392564.jpg
  2. Tap the Search field, then enter FiLIP.
    device 2810/1392567.jpg
  3. Tap Search.
    device 2810/1392568.jpg
  4. Tap FREE.
    device 2810/1392569.jpg
  5. Tap INSTALL.
    device 2810/1392570.jpg
  6. Open the FiLIP app, then tap Create Account.
    device 2810/1392572.jpg
  7. Tap Skip.
    device 2810/1392573.jpg
  8. Tap Create Account.
    device 2810/1392574.jpg
  9. To add a photo, tap the Photo icon.
    device 2810/1392575.jpg
  10. Navigate to the desired photo, then tap Choose.
    device 2810/1392576.jpg
  11. Enter the required information, then tap Next.
    device 2810/1392577.jpg
  12. Navigate to your email.
    device 2810/1392578.jpg
  13. Tap Confirm email.
    device 2810/1392579.jpg
  14. Enter the required child's details.
    device 2810/1392580.jpg
  15. Tap Next.
    device 2810/1392581.jpg
  16. Turn the child's FILIP on, then tap OK, it's on.
    device 2810/1392582.jpg
  17. Enter the mobile number of the child's FiLIP, then tap Next.
    Note: The phone number of the FiLIP may be found on the receipt from the purchase.
    device 2810/1392583.jpg
  18. Enter the 6-digit code that appears on the FiLIP, then tap Next.
    device 2810/1392584.jpg
  19. Review the terms of service, then tap I agree.
    device 2810/1392585.jpg
  20. Tap Yes.
    device 2810/1392586.jpg
  21. Enter the required details on the child's profile.
    device 2810/1392587.jpg
  22. Tap Next.
    device 2810/1392588.jpg
  23. Tap OK, continue.
    device 2810/1392589.jpg
  24. Tap Start Using FiLIP.
    device 2810/1392590.jpg

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