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Keypad & typing

This article describes how to use the device's keyboard.

  1. When entering text, press a key the required number of times to reach the desired character.

    For example, to type 'A', press the 2 Key one time. To type 'C', press the 2 Key three times. To type '2', press the 2 Key four times.
    device 2853/1446121.jpg
  2. Press the * key to capitalize the next input letter. Press again to enable caps lock.
    device 2853/1446122.jpg
  3. Press and hold the * key to toggle T9 mode on/off.
    device 2853/1446123.jpg
  4. Press the 1 key to input symbols and special characters.
    Note: Press and hold the '#' key to view additional characters.
    device 2853/1446124.jpg
  5. Press the # key to input a space.
    device 2853/1446125.jpg
  6. Press the Clear key to backspace.
    device 2853/1446126.jpg

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