Watch Face

Learn how to navigate and customize the watch face.

  1. CHANGE WATCH FACE: Swipe left or right on the clock-screen, then select the desired option.
    device 5136/9007125_01.jpg
  2. CUSTOMIZE THE CLOCK SCREEN: Select and hold the middle of the clock-screen.
    device 5136/9007125_02.jpg
  3. Customize the clock-screen by Data or Styles by selecting the desired option.
    device 5136/9007125_03.jpg
  4. NOTIFICATIONS: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view Notifications.
    device 5136/9007125_04.jpg
  5. APPLICATIONS: Press the Rotating Side button to view the apps list.
    device 5136/9007125_05.jpg
  6. CONTACTS: From the apps list, scroll to and select Contacts to access contacts.
    device 5136/9007125_06.jpg
  7. VOICE CONTROL: Press and hold the Rotating Side button until 'How can I help?' appears on the screen to access Voice control.
    Note: You can also say "OK Google" to access Voice control.
    device 5136/9007125_07.jpg
  8. SETTINGS: Swipe down from the top of the watch face and select the Settings icon to access Settings.
    device 5136/9007125_08.jpg

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