Voice Notes

Create a voice note.

  1. To make a Voice Note, from the watch screen say "OK Google" or press and hold the Rotating Side button.
    Note: You may need to download the QuickMemo+ app from the Play Store. From the watch screen, press the Rotating button to view the apps list. Scroll to and select the Play Store app. Scroll to the Apps you've used section, then select the QuickMemo+ app. Select Install.
    device 5136/9007160_01.jpg
  2. When 'How can I help?' appears on the screen, say "Take a note".
    device 5136/9007160_02.jpg
  3. When 'What's the note?' appears, speak your desired note
    device 5136/9007160_03.jpg
  4. The note will begin to save. Select the X icon to cancel the note without saving it.
    device 5136/9007160_04.jpg

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