Voice Control

Use voice commands to perform functions on your device.

  1. ACCESS VOICE CONTROL: From the watch face, say "OK Google." When 'How can I help?' appears on the screen, speak your desired command.
    Note: You can also press and hold the Rotating Side button to prompt the How can I help? screen.
    device 5136/9006158_02.jpg
  2. You can check your daily steps by speaking "How many steps did I take today?". 
    Note: You will be directed to the Fit app where you can view your daily steps and fitness goals.
    device 5136/9006158_03.jpg
  3. You can set a reminder by speaking your desired reminder.
    Note: You will then be prompted to speak the desired time and location of the reminder. The reminder will be automatically saved.
    device 5136/9006158_04.jpg
  4. You can use the stop watch by saying "Start the stopwatch".
    Note: You will directed to the stop watch screen.
    device 5136/9006158_05.jpg
  5. You can set a timer by saying "Set a timer for..." then speak the desired timer limit.
    Note: You will be directed to the timer screen.
    device 5136/9006158_06.jpg

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