Conference calling
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Conference calling

Add another person to your call, merge calls, place someone on hold and more.

  1. With an incoming call, press Accept to recieve a call. You can also press the green Call key to answer a call at any time. 
    device 5056/9007003_01.jpg
  2. With the call accepted, press Accept again to receive an additional call.
    device 5056/9007003_02.jpg
  3. Next press Options.
    device 5056/9007003_03.jpg
  4. Scroll to and select Conference call and press OK.
    device 5056/9007003_04.jpg
  5. Now both calls are connected.
    device 5056/9007003_05.jpg
  6. To separate the call (or make it private), you need to press Options, and then scroll down to Private; The call that is outlined in red is the call that will be separated out.
    device 5056/9007003_06.jpg
  7. Now a dot icon appears next to the call that is on hold.
    device 5056/9007003_07.jpg
  8. To End call, select End call and press OK.
    device 5056/9007003_08.jpg
  9. To end both calls, press Options.
    device 5056/9007003_09.jpg
  10. Select the red End all calls icon to end all calls at once.
    device 5056/9007003_10.jpg

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