What is fiber internet?
Learn more about superfast fiber internet service for your home.
What is fiber optic internet? 

Fiber optic internet is a form of broadband that uses a network of bundled tiny glass fibers called fiber optic cables to deliver internet service via light waves. 

How is fiber different from other types of
internet service?

The technical difference is that most forms of traditional internet service transfer information by sending electric signals over copper wires, while fiber internet transfers information by sending light over fiber optic cables. The advantage is that fiber optic technology transfers information at much faster speeds than cable or DSL.

What are download speeds and upload speeds? 

Internet plans are usually measured by download speeds and upload speeds. The download speed tells you how quickly your internet service can move information from remote servers onto your device, while the upload speed tells you the opposite. 

 Both are key components of a good internet experience. For example, fast download speeds are helpful for streaming video, while fast upload speeds are helpful for uploading large files quickly.