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We've teamed up with the American Academy of Pediatrics to develop the PhoneReady Quiz to help you decide if your child is ready for mobile life.

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A wireless plan for the whole family

AT&T offers plenty of great options for keeping your whole family connected. Whether you are looking to add a line for your child’s first phone, or move a relative onto your plan, AT&T is here to help you enjoy great wireless service. Upgrade to the new iPhone 13 or Google Pixel 6 and get free express shipping, flexible returns, & waived activation & upgrade fees.

Add your current device to your AT&T plan

Are you looking to add a phone, tablet, or wireless hotspot device that you already own onto your plan? There’s no need to buy a new device. You can activate service on the AT&T network through the bring you your own device option.

  • Can I add a line to my AT&T account?
    Yes, it’s easy to add an additional line or service with AT&T. Even if you don’t purchase your device from AT&T, you can add it to your plan later on with the bring your own device option.
  • Can I add another authorized user to my AT&T account?
    You can add another person to your account by logging into your myAT&T profile and selecting Account users. If you have more than one account, you’ll then pick your wireless account from the dropdown menu. In Authorized users, select Manage authorized users, then select Add an authorized user.