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Looking for a tablet? We’ve got what you need.

Find new tablets from Apple, Samsung and Lenovo. Order online and have it shipped express right to your door or pick it up at your nearest store.* And if you’re in the market for a refurbished model, check out our AT&T Certified Restored tablets.

Here’s what the experts say you should be looking at: 

Size: think of a tablet as a bigger smartphone, but with even more depth, color, and detail. The touchscreens bring images to life and make it easier to work, read, and play games. Most tablets are between 7”-10”, with a few even going up to 18”, so the size you’ll need will mostly depend on what you plan to use it for. 

Processor: just like a computer, your device’s processor powers everything it does. How fast you can launch videos, stream music, load web pages, and open apps depends on how many “cores” are in your processor. Simply put: the more cores you have, the smoother things will go.  

Memory: how many apps and eBooks you want stored on your tablet will give you an idea of how much memory you’ll need. And if you want more speed, you’ll want RAM (Random Access Memory) too. The RAM starts programs quicker and keeps them running faster. 

Battery: reading, working, and playing games takes a toll on your battery. If you’re worried about your tablet running out of juice in the middle of something important, look for one with a long battery life (at least 9 hours) or plan ahead with some accessories to keep you charged on-the-go.