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Bring your own device to AT&T. Order a SIM card and transfer a device to AT&T or add it to your existing account. Be sure your device is unlocked if you are transferring from another carrier.

To see if your device works on the AT&T network, enter your device and brand, or the IMEI number below.

For help finding your device’s IMEI, simply select your device and brand, choose your device from the results, and then click Continue.




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Quick facts

Yes, you can activate Essential Phones on the AT&T Network. Be sure the Phone is unlocked if you are transferring from another carrier. The SIM is free, just pick a plan that works for you. Find out more at

Yes, you can activate Google Pixel phones on the AT&T Network. Be sure Pixel is unlocked if you are transferring from another carrier. The SIM is free, just pick a plan that works for you. Find out more:

To check your vehicle’s compatibility and to activate the mobile hotspot, visit

To use data services on the AT&T network with a device from another carrier or purchased directly from the manufacturer, you may need to program the data settings. If you are using an AT&T branded device, it should already be programmed with the correct settings. For a step-by-step guide to changing your data connection settings, please visit our Programming non-AT&T devices article.

Once you have an AT&T SIM and have activated the AT&T SIM card, you can put it in any compatible, unlocked GSM device you choose.

Yes, you add a line by logging in to your account and adding a SIM, plan, and services.

Your new SIM card will be sent to you by mail and arrives ready to use. All you have to do is insert it in your phone or tablet, and you're ready to go.

To find out if your device uses a SIM card, a micro-SIM card, or a nano-SIM card, enter your device and brand, or the IMEI number, above. All versions of the iPhone® 5 use a nano-SIM card. iPhone 4/4S uses a micro-SIM. Most 4G LTE Android® phones use a micro-SIM.

A SIM card is a microchip that inserts into a compatible mobile device. It identifies you and connects you to the mobile network.

AT&T UNLIMITED CHOICE & PLUS PLANS: For consumers only. Plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, and Roam North America feature. Pricing: Includes monthly plan charge and per device monthly access charge. Autopay & Paperless Bill discount: $5 (off single line) or $10 (off multiline) per month discount off your plan charge requires being active and enrolled in paperless billing and autopay (excludes credits cards). Discount will start within 2 bill cycles. Offer subject to change and may be discontinued at any time. Devices: Sold separately. Limits: Select wireless devices only. 10 devices per plan. UNLIMITED DATA: For use in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (the “Domestic Coverage Area” or “DCA”). Data Restrictions: After 22GB of any data usage on a line in a bill cycle, AT&T may slow the data on that line during periods of network congestion for the remainder of that cycle. See for details on AT&T network management policies.

DataConnect Plans: Monthly plan pricing for data service within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands (Domestic Coverage Area) only. Devices: Compatible devices, sold separately, required. Smartphones excluded. Payments: Monthly charges billed to your account. Early Termination Fees apply for devices with annual service contract if service canceled before term ends. For devices with no annual service contract, plan automatically renews each month unless service canceled before next monthly renewal. Cancel any time at or 800.331.0500. Data Overage: If you exceed the amount of data included in your plan during your billing period, additional data will automatically be provided in increments of 250MB at $14.99 per 250MB on a 250MB plan or 1GB at $10 per GB on the 3GB and 5GB plans. Data allowances, including overages, must be used in billing period provided or will be forfeited. Data: Tethering allowed only with 5GB plan. Data used by devices connected to a tethering device or mobile hotspot is deducted from plan data. Wi-Fi: Includes access to AT&T Wi-Fi Basic for Wi-Fi-enabled compatible devices. See for restrictions and hotspot locations. International Wi-Fi access not included. Roaming: If roaming outside Domestic Coverage Area, pay-per-use rates will apply unless an international data package is added. For most current pay-per-use rates and available international data packages and coverage, visit Not all devices may be eligible for international roaming service.

GENERAL WIRELESS SVC: Subject to Wireless Customer Agreement ( Services not for resale. Deposit: may be required per line.  Activation/Upgrade Fee: Up to $45 each. Early Termination Fee ( For pricing with 2-year agreement requirement, after 14 days, up to $150. Return/Restocking: Must return within 14 days. Restocking fee up to $45 each; 10% of purchase price for accessories $200 and over.  Limits: Purchase limits apply & prices vary by location. Prices, discounts, and offers, may not be stackable. Credit approval, other fees & charges per line apply. Other Monthly Charges/Line: May include taxes, fed. & state universal svc charges, Reg. Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), gross receipts surcharge, Admin. Fee, & other gov’t assessments which are not gov’t req’d charges.  See for details.  Pricing & terms subject to change & may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Coverage and service not available everywhere.  You get an off-net (roaming) usage allowance for each service.  If you exceed the allowance, your services may be restricted or terminated. Usage, and other restrictions apply & may result in service termination.  AT&T service is subject to AT&T network management policies (See for details). For full service terms & conditions, visit