AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone & Internet

Together is better at home

With AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone &
Internet service, you can:

  • Access the Internet using the ultra-fast AT&T 4G LTE
    wireless network when you live in a 4G LTE area.
  • Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices like your
    smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Keep your home phone handset and number.
  • Enjoy full service including unlimited nationwide calling.
    International calling is available at standard or package rates.

And get it all with no annual contract.

Internet and home phone:

They go where you go

On vacation? On the move?
Take Internet access and your home phone number
with you.

If you have a power outlet and a phone handset, your
AT&T Home Base will allow you to use your home
number anywhere in the U.S. where you are picking up
a strong AT&T wireless signal.


AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone & Internet plans

No annual contracts. No surprises.

AT&T PREPAIDSM Wireless Home Phone & Internet plans give you unlimited nationwide calling and an allotment of data.
International calling is also available at standard rates, or by adding a package.*

Choose the data you want, and add more data if you need it.


Find out how much data you need with the AT&T Data Calculator.


Great deals on international calling

Get an International Calling Add-On

For $15 per month, you can get our international
long distance calling Add-On including 1,000
minutes of calling to mobile and landline numbers in
select countries including:

Mexico | Canada | China | India

You can also make calls to landline numbers in 50 countries.

See the list of countries included in this Add-On.

Add this Add-On to your existing monthly plan by logging in
at or call 800.901.9878.

Rates and coverage

If you don't have an international Add-On, pay-per-use rates
will apply for calls to over 220 countries worldwide with your
AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone and Internet service.

For more information, see our international long distance
pay-per-use rates

How to dial international calls

To call from the U.S. to Canada and most Caribbean countries, just
dial “1” plus the area code, followed by the phone number.

For calls to all other countries from the U.S., dial “011,” then the
country code followed by the 12- or 13-digit local number.

Convenient ways to add money to your account



AutoPay is an easy, convenient way to keep your account active while keeping you in charge. You can use either a credit or debit card. Sign up and manage your AutoPay at Or call 800.901.9878.

Pay by phone

At any time, call 800.901.9878 for a one-time payment with a credit or debit card.

Prepaid Refill Cards

Prepaid Refill Cards

Another convenient option is to buy a AT&T PREPAID refill card or PIN at any AT&T store or Authorized Dealer location.

Use our store locator to find the store or dealer nearest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can transfer your home phone number from your provider. You can even use your existing touch-tone phone. Transferring a landline phone number to the AT&T Home Base may take up to 5 days. A new wireless number will be provided if you are not transferring an existing number.

AT&T Home Base is not compatible with fax machines and home alarm systems. It is also not compatible with wireless messaging, credit card machines, medical alert and monitoring systems, IP/PBX Phone systems, or dial-up Internet service.

The AT&T Home Base has two phone ports to connect your phone or answering machine. To place phones throughout your home, a cordless phone system with multiple handsets is recommended. The AT&T Home Base does not use your home’s inside phone wiring. You should not plug the AT&T Home Base or your phone into your home phone wall jacks.

For Internet access, you can connect up to 10 devices via Wi-Fi and one device via Ethernet simultaneously.

Yes, you can use your AT&T Home Base anywhere you have a good cellular signal and available power outlet. It must be in an area where AT&T is authorized to provide wireless services. Go to viewer to check for AT&T PREPAID wireless coverage. International roaming is not available.

You can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the AT&T Home Base. Keep in mind that the device you connect to the AT&T Home Base, such as a smartphone, will not use its own data plan. Instead, it will use the data you purchased as part of your Wireless Home Internet plan. All devices that are connected to the AT&T Home Base (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) will use the data included in your Wireless Home Internet plan.

The AT&T Home Base has a Web user interface (see the User Guide for details) to check your data usage each month, or you can go to


AT&T Home Base can provide download speeds of approximately 512Mbps in most LTE-covered areas. However, data speeds can vary depending upon various factors. This can include the number of devices accessing both the wireless network and your AT&T Home Base, if you are using the Internet while on an active voice call, and the network technology type (3G, 4G, or 4G LTE) available.

The AT&T Home Base is equipped with a backup battery that allows up to 1.5 hours of talk time and 18 hours of standby time. However, a standard corded phone that does not require electric power to operate will be required to place or receive calls (including 911) during an extended power outage.

AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone & Internet is a wireless service. When making emergency calls, you may have to provide your location address to the 911 operator.

Wireless Home Phone and Internet service requires the purchase of a different device, the AT&T Home Base, which provides voice service as well as wireless Internet access using 4G LTE/HSPA+ technologies.

AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone and Internet ("AT&T PREPAID WHPI") is a Commercial Mobile Radio Service and a mobile broadband Internet access service. It is mobile and may be used with home phone equipment, computers, and other Wi-Fi compatible devices in the AT&T PREPAID coverage area in the U.S. WHPI device ("Home Base") required. For emergency calls, provide your location address to the 911 operator. Home Base has a backup battery to operate during a power outage. However, a cordless phone connected to the Home Base will not operate during a power outage. To use backup battery power, you must plug a corded phone into the Home Base. Corded or landline phone equipment is not provided with service. Landline home phone equipment, computers, and Wi-Fi devices not included. Provides voice and wireless data service. Qualified voice and data plan required. Not compatible with wireless messaging services, security systems, fax machines, medical alert and monitoring services, credit card machines, IP/PBX Phone systems, or dial-up Internet. May not be compatible with DVR/Satellite systems; check with your provider. DSL customers should contact provider before transferring a phone number to ensure uninterrupted Internet service. By activating or using AT&T PREPAID service, you agree to be bound by Terms of Service and Plan Terms available at You must add money to your account within 26 days of activation, or your account will be canceled. Service and features available for 30 days upon payment of rate plan charge. A rate plan designed for one type of device may not be used with another type of device by tethering devices together, by SIM card transfer, or any other means. Violations could result in termination of your AT&T PREPAID service. Geographic, usage, and other terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. Taxes and other charges may apply. For more information, see the AT&T PREPAID rate plan brochure or go to Service provided by AT&T Mobility.