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Check reward status for switching to AT&T Fiber

Find out how to claim and check the status of your reward for switching to AT&T Fiber.

Welcome to AT&T Fiber®. We’ll reimburse your cancellation or early termination fee from your previous provider. We’ll send you a reward notification by email, and it will include a claim number and instructions. Complete the claim form within 75 days, and we’ll send you the reward as an AT&T Visa reward card.

Here’s how to apply:
  1. Go to the Reward Center and enter your claim number or AT&T account number and ZIP Code.
  2. Upload a copy of your previous provider’s bill showing the early termination fee. The previous provider’s bill must:
    • Be within 60 days of your AT&T Fiber order.
    • Include the same last name or address on your current AT&T bill.
  3. Select Go to see your rewards.
  4. Choose Claim it now.
  5. Confirm and accept the Terms & Conditions, then select Continue.
  6. Enter an email address or a phone number so we can keep you posted on your reward status.
FYI: You’re only eligible to participate one time. Business accounts don’t qualify
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