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U-verse TV S20 remote control help, information and programming

Learn how to program, troubleshoot, and find solutions for your U-verse TV S20 or S30 remote control.

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Remote control

S20 Remote




U-verse TV S20 and S30 remote controls

Program, troubleshoot, and find solutions for your U-verse TV S20 or S30 remote control.

Try this first if your remote is not working:
  • Check the batteries if the appropriate button doesn't light up when pushed.
  • Check all the cables to your device to make sure they are secure and connected properly.
  • Unplug the receiver if you are still having trouble, and then wait two minutes before plugging it back in and turning it back on.

Note: The S20 and S30 remote controls are completely identical in functionality. The only difference is all of the buttons on the S30 model are backlit. Please follow the S20 instructions for the S30 remote control.

S20 remote control

The S20 remote is the latest in our remote control line up. Visit our U-verse remotes at a glance article which gives detailed explanations of U-verse remote control buttons.

S20 remote control features
  • The new S20 remote control delivers simplified programming options.
  • Controls U-verse, your TV and an audio device with one remote control.
  • Check out the new Options, MyMultiview, and Help buttons.
  • You now have a low battery indicator.

Remote control programming

S20 remote control guides and information

Remote control model number location
The specific model number for your S20 or S30 remote is on the top back of the remote. Instructions in the current user guide (PDF, 1.30MB) apply to both models.

Mobile phone or tablet as remote control
Your mobile phone or tablet can be used as a remote control. Just install the U-verse app (Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire TV) on your mobile device to get a simple remote interface and more options.

Remote control replacement
Order a new or replacement remote.
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