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Manage mobile purchases and subscriptions

Use our mobile purchase website to view, cancel, block, and manage third-party and AT&T mobile purchases.


Track and control mobile purchases

When you make a donation via text, or buy subscriptions, apps, games, or other things from us or from a third party, we’ll send you a text with the purchase info. These charges appear in separate sections of your bill and you’re responsible for all authorized charges. Learn how to get notifications for mobile purchases and subscriptions

Block mobile purchases

Want to prevent mobile purchases or subscriptions from being charged to your bill? Block them by adding Purchase Blocker to your device and other devices on your account.

Here’s how:
  1. Sign in to myAT&T
  2. Select Manage device (for the line you want to add Purchase Blocker).
  3. Scroll to ADD-ONS and tap See all add-ons.
  4. Scroll to Explore add-ons and select Family essentials.
  5. Tap Purchase controls and add Purchase Blocker.

Manage subscriptions

From AT&T

You can view, get, or cancel features or add-ons, like AT&T Mobile Insurance, in myAT&T. For more info, learn how to change or remove wireless features.

From third parties

Not sure if you have an AT&T or third-party subscription? Check out our features and apps. If it’s not listed there, it’s from a third-party company.

You can view, cancel, or request a refund for donations or purchases of third-party features and apps (including subscriptions, apps, games, and more). Before you get started, make sure you have access to the device used to make the purchase.
  1. Go to Manage My Mobile Purchases
  2. Enter the 10-digit AT&T wireless phone number of the device used to make the purchase.
  3. Select Next. We’ll send a free text message with an 8-digit single-use PIN to that phone number.
  4. Enter the 8-digit one-time PIN and select Submit. Once there, you’ll get the Purchases History page and will be able to view your recent mobile purchases.
From this screen, you can:
Request a refund: Select the mobile purchase you want refunded, then select Refund, and complete the prompts.

Cancel a subscription: Select the subscription or feature to cancel, check Cancel subscription, and then Submit.

Heads up: Starting February 1, 2022, our updated mobile app purchases refund policy allows two refund requests per calendar year.

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