Learn about domestic off-network data use

Find out what happens when you use mobile data while connected to another provider’s network.

What to know about off-network data use

We provide coverage for most of the country using our own network and for some of the places where we don’t have our own network we provide coverage by contracting with a carrier who has coverage in that area. We call these areas off-net coverage.

Section 4.5 of your AT&T Wireless Customer Agreement (WCA) mentions that there may be limits or restrictions imposed on your off-net usage. Specifically, in section 4.5.2, it states the off-net data usage limit is the lesser of 100MB or 20% of your total usage during a bill period.

If you reach 100MB of off-network data use
You’ll likely:
  • Get a text alert from us letting you know you’ve gone over the 100MB allowance as outlined in section 4.5.2 in our Wireless Customer Agreement.
  • See an Off-network banner on your device home screen where it usually says AT&T

Good to know:
Avoid downloading videos or uploading high-res pics until you're on Wi-Fi® or back on our network.

If you continue to go over 100MB of off-network data use
you may lose data access until your next bill period starts.
  • This restriction won't affect talk, text, or Wi-Fi access.
  • We'll send you a text to let you know your line is being restricted.
  • Once you’re back on our network, you can use data again.

Tips to manage your off-network data usage

  • Explore our network coverage map to see if you're using your device in our service area. Remember to zoom in at least 3 levels.
  • Look at the top of your device screen to see if it says AT&T. If it doesn’t, you’re using another carrier's network.
  • Avoid streaming music, videos, or large files that use large amounts of data when you’re off our network.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi when you can. Wi-Fi data use doesn't count against your off-network data allowance.

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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