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Learn how to troubleshoot issues with the AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security app. Steps may vary by phone manufacturer.

Access & subscription

If you can’t access the AT&T ActiveArmorSM app or are unable to change your subscription, the app and our network may be out of sync. 

Here’s how to resync:


Turn off Wi-Fi® so you have a cellular-only connection.

  1. Open Settings, then select Connections.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi.


Turn off Wi-Fi® so you have a cellular-only connection.

  1. Open Settings, then select Wi-Fi.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi.

With your Wi-Fi off, try to access the app or change your subscription.

Heads up: If you don’t have an AT&T plan with unlimited data, data charges may occur.

Still can’t access ActiveArmor?

You may need to delete or uninstall and reinstall the app:


  1. Open Settings, then select Apps, and tap See all apps.
  2. Select AT&T ActiveArmor.
  3. Select Uninstall and confirm by tapping OK


  1. Touch and hold the AT&T ActiveArmor app.
  2. Select Remove App, then Delete App.
  3. Tap Delete to confirm.

Still can’t change your subscription?

  1. If you added ActiveArmor mobile security with myAT&T, dial 611 or call 800.331.0500 to speak with a rep.
  2. If you subscribed through your app provider and want to downgrade from advanced mobile security to the free version, you’ll have to get help from your app provider.

FYI: If you have a business account, contact your account or IT manager for support.

Get more info on using the AT&T ActiveArmor app

Battery use for iOS

The iOS® battery usage charts can cause you to think the AT&T ActiveArmor app is using more battery than it is. The app works in the background to keep you safe from online threats. Battery usage percentage can vary by customer and changes throughout the day.

How to read the iOS Battery usage report:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Battery Health & Charging.
  3. There are two tabs. One for the Last 24 hours and one for the Last 10 days. Go to the tab for the Last 10 days.
  4. Select Battery Usage by App, then Show Activity. The Activity column shows the battery percentage by each app for the last 10 days. This number reflects the true usage. It’s not unusual for ActiveArmor to be in the 15% to 25% usage range or higher.

Good to know: The total battery usage by app will add up to 100% whether you have one or 10 apps working in background.


Last updated: July 1, 2024

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