Learn about the AT&T Secure Family app

Do your children have smart devices? Use Secure Family to locate their devices, manage  their internet use, block apps or websites, and more.


AT&T Secure Family® is a family safety app. It helps family members stay connected and safe in the digital and physical world. Secure Family also offers parental controls to help you manage your children’s online activity.

Secure Family is designed for use in the AT&T coverage area and within the U.S. Some features may not work outside this service area. Location accuracy may vary based on the device’s network connection.

Compatible devices

Use the AT&T Secure Family and the AT&T Secure Family Companion apps with these devices:

  • Apple® iPhones® and tablets with iOS® 15 or higher
  • Android smartphones and tablets with Android® 11.0 or higher

Parent and child devices don’t have to use the same operating system.

Get started

  • Sign up for AT&T Secure Family online, in the myAT&T app, or in the Secure Family app. Only the primary account holder can sign up. (AT&T Secure Family is $7.99 per month after the first 30 days, which are free. The subscription auto renews each month unless canceled.)
  • Download the Secure Family app to the parent device (primary account holder).
  • Add the Secure Family Companion app to the child's devices to pair them with your device. Send an invitation to the child's device by SMS or email to install the Companion app. Or, if you have the child's device in hand, you can scan a QR code.

FYI: The AT&T Wireless®, AT&T Prepaid®, or Cricket primary account holder can add up to 10 family member profiles and up to 30 family devices to their Secure Family account. They can also invite family members with other U.S. wireless carriers.

For all details, review the Secure Family User Guide (PDF, 6.58MB).


Location tracking features

  • Real-time location: Locate a family member’s device on a satellite or street-view map.
  • Save a place: Save frequently visited places on a map like work, school, child’s friend’s house.
  • Alert options: Set scheduled or arrival and departure alerts to keep up with your child’s location.
  • Location history: See where a family member has been over the past seven days.
  • Check in: Have family members check in at a destination to let you know they have arrived.

Learn more about location tracking features

Internet access features

  • Block internet: Block your family’s internet access from their mobile devices. Or turn Wi-Fi® and cellular data for a child's device on or off with the tap of a button.
  • Set internet times: Schedule times when your child’s device can’t access the internet through cellular data or Wi-Fi (time for homework, dinner, bedtime).

Learn more about internet control features

Web and app filters

You can control the types of content your child can see based on age-appropriate settings: High (young child), Medium (pre-teen), Low (teen), or None (adult).

  • Website and app blocks: Block specific sites and apps. Or, use the content filters to block thousands of websites and apps with just a tap.
  • Screen time limits: Limit your child’s daily internet and app access. Restrict screen time across all monitored devices (phone, tablet, iPad) associated with the child’s profile.
  • Usage reports: Get daily, weekly, or monthly reports on your child’s web and app usage.
  • App purchase restrictions: Block access to the App Store® or Google Play™ store to prevent children from buying apps or other content.
  • Internet countdown: Show your child a countdown for when their internet will be turned off or on.

Learn more about web and app filters

Notifications and usage info

  • SOS Alert: Have all family members notified if a child needs help.
  • Tamper alert: Get an in-app notification or text if your child tries to turn off location permissions or disable the Secure Family Companion app.
  • Battery status: See the status of your child’s phone battery so you know when it’s running low, and receive an alert when it drops below 15%.
  • Lost phone ring: Have a lost phone ring for up to two minutes to help locate it.

Review the Secure Family FAQ (PDF, 263KB)


Last updated: May 16, 2024

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