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Learn about the AT&T Secure Family app

Locate family members, control their smartphone screen time, block apps and websites, and more.





Peace of mind just got a lot easier

About the app

With AT&T Secure Family you’re in control of your family’s phone use. Find family members, control their screen time, and block inappropriate content—all from your phone.

What you can do…

Track locations
Keep tabs on your children whenever you want or at a specific time, for example every day after school. You can also get alerts when they enter or leave a location, like school or a friend’s house. Plus, see where your child has been over the past 7 days.

Learn more about location tracking

Limit screen-time
Control when your child can use the internet—whether they’re using Wi-Fi® or mobile data. Block your child’s mobile data and Wi-Fi use on demand or on a schedule you set.

Get info about data control

Filter web and app use
Filter inappropriate apps and websites by age or customize your own settings. You can even prevent family members from making purchases at the Google Play™ Store.

Discover how to filter websites and apps

Important setup info and system requirements

ID and password to sign up as the parent

If you have an AT&T wireless account1
Up to 2 parents can locate and manage family members’ devices. You can sign up for Secure Family if you’re the primary account owner or have rights to manage the account. Use the same ID and password you use to sign in to your wireless account at myAT&T.

Good to know: User IDs and passwords are unique to each phone number. So, be sure to sign up with the user ID for the phone number of the person you want to be the primary parent. All other numbers on your account are automatically assigned the child role.

Want to add a second parent?
  • First, make sure they have their own user ID for their wireless phone number. If they don’t, create one. Parents can’t share the same user ID.
  • Next, give the second parent permission to manage the account online. Only the wireless account owner can do this. Here’s how:
  1. Go to myAT&T, then Profile.
  2. Select your wireless phone account.
  3. Go to Account Users, then + Add Secondary Users and follow the prompts.

If you have an AT&T PREPAID℠ account or your U.S. wireless service is with another provider2
Only 1 parent can manage your Secure Family account. You’ll use your mobile phone number and a personal identification number (PIN) to sign in to Secure Family. We’ll text your PIN to your phone. You’ll be prompted to validate your email when you sign up for Secure Family. Want to see examples of the app’s sign-up screens (PDF, 823KB)?

AT&T Secure Family Companion app for a child’s device
Secure Family comes with the AT&T Secure FamilyTM Companion app to connect, or pair, your child’s device with yours. It’s easy to do, and there’s no extra charge. The parent app sends family members a text message so they can install the companion app on their phones. The Companion app provides easy-to-follow pairing instructions.

If you have an AT&T wireless account1and only want basic location features, you don’t have to pair devices. But, location tracking won’t be as accurate, and you won’t be able to use most of Secure Family’s features.

If you have an AT&T PREPAID℠ account or your U.S. wireless service is with another provider,2 you have to use the companion app to pair your child’s device. Otherwise, you won’t have access to any Secure Family features.

System requirements
Use AT&T Secure Family with:
  • Apple® iPhones® with iOS® 11 or higher1, 2
  • Android smartphones with Android® 5.0 or higher1, 2
Secure Family is only for smartphones. It doesn’t work on feature phones, smartwatches, or devices without SIM cards. All smartphones must have separate phone numbers and be able to send and receive text messages.

Secure Family is designed for use in the AT&T coverage area and within the U.S. Some features may not work outside this service area. Location accuracy may vary based on the device’s settings, network connection, and geographical location.

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