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Get more features with AT&T Secure Family

Later this fall your AT&T Smart Limits app is changing to AT&T Secure Family. You’ll get more features, like location tracking, for the same price of $4.99 a month.

How can I get Secure Family?

Since you already have AT&T Smart Limits®, we’ll let you know when you can download the AT&T Secure FamilyTM app. Look for the new icon:
Secure Family app

Will I get new features when Smart Limits changes to Secure Family?

Yes, we listened to your feedback and think you’re going to love the new features:
  • Location tracking - Locate a family member on an interactive map.
  • Arrival & departure alerts – Get an alert when your child enters or leaves a location like home or school.
  • Schedule alerts - Get a location update for your child at scheduled times of day.
  • Location history – View your family’s daily travels in their location history.
  • Pause internet - Minimize your child’s distractions (time for homework, time for bed).
  • Filter & block content - Filter or block apps and online content based on age-appropriate settings.
  • Child’s activity - Check recently viewed apps and websites.
  • Time limits - Set a schedule to limit your child’s internet access.
  • App purchase block - Prevent purchases from the App Store or Google Play.
  • AT&T Secure Family CompanionTM app - Download the required app to the device you want to monitor.

Will I lose any Smart Limits features?

Yes, we’re eliminating some Smart Limits features that aren’t used much anymore:
  • Call blocking (you can use the free AT&T Call Protect app to block certain numbers).
  • Reminders to use Wi-Fi®.
  • Text limiting.

Can I continue to block data use with Secure Family?

Yes. Any data block settings you have in AT&T Smart Limits automatically carry over.

Will I have to pay more for Secure Family?

No. The great news is you get more features for the price you were paying. Plus, you can monitor more devices, up to 10 total, at no additional charge.

We’ll automatically update your subscription to Secure Family (about 15 days after it becomes available). You’ll keep the $4.99 monthly price you’ve been paying for a single line. This grandfathered price is available for select customers only. So, it pays to be patient. We’ll let you know when we’ve made the change.

Don’t want to wait? Sign up for Secure Family yourself as soon as it becomes available. However, you’ll pay the new monthly price of $7.99 after your 30 days free period ends.

Can I use my Smart Limits user ID and password to sign in to Secure Family?

Yes, you’ll use the same ID and password.

What types of devices can Secure Family monitor?

It can locate and filter content on up to 10 lines or devices on your wireless account. Each device must have its own SIM card and 10-digit phone number. Compatible devices include Apple® iPhones® and tablets (iOS® 10 or higher) and Android smartphones and tablets (Android® 5.0 or higher).

Both the parent and child devices must be able to send and receive texts. That way they can receive Secure Family messages, such as the pairing invitation from the parent app to the child’s device.

Secure Family won’t work with feature phones.

What features come on the Secure Family Companion (child) app?

The companion app only works when it’s paired with the Secure Family app on the parent’s device. The child app includes:
  • Call and text buttons so your child can quickly call or text an emergency contact.
  • A blocked website or app screen on Android devices or a network connection error message on iOS devices. This lets your child know when they try to access blocked apps or web content.
  • A map sharing your location with your child, if allowed.
Last updated: October 10, 2018