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Stay connected on our network

Uh-oh! You recently tried to activate a SIM card on our network but hit a snag and couldn’t activate it. We can help.


Get a new SIM card

We’re upgrading our network to bring you more security and reliability, better voice quality, and faster speeds than ever before. This upgrade means your phone and current SIM card won’t work on our new network when 3G goes away in February 2022.

To get your phone to work on our network, you’ll have to replace your SIM card.
  • AT&T Wireless: Call us at 800.331.0500 or go to a store. For your security, only the account owner or retail authorized user can order and activate a new SIM card.
  • AT&T PREPAIDSM: Pick up a SIM card kit at our stores or from an AT&T national retailer, like Walmart, Best Buy, or Target. Tip: If you're going to a national retailer, call first to make sure it’s in stock.

Replace your used SIM

Heads up: Make sure your device works on our network. Not sure? Check device compatibility (PDF, 209KB)

AT&T Wireless devices
  1. Turn your device off.
  2. Remove the used SIM card.
  3. Insert the new one.
  4. Turn your device on.
  5. Discard your used SIM card.
Want help inserting your SIM card? Go to our device tutorials, select Insert SIM & memory card, and choose the option for your device.

AT&T PREPAID devices
Before you turn off your device:
  1. Go to
  2. Select My Device and then Update Device. (Don't know your IMEI for this step?
  3. Enter *#06# on your phone's keypad to get it.)
  4. Enter the SIM card number and then select Continue.
  5. Discard your used SIM card.

Activate your new SIM card

Once you replace your SIM, learn how to activate it.

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