AT&T Next smartphone installment plans for business

Learn about the benefits of choosing a smartphone installment plan to buy or upgrade your next phone. You can also compare installment pricing options.

About AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year

As an alternative to buying or upgrading a smartphone at the full sales price, we offer AT&T Next® or AT&T Next Every Year℠ installment plans. These plans take the retail price of your new device and spread it across small monthly payments.

With AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year,1 you can enjoy these benefits:

  • $0 down (with well-qualified credit)
  • Flexible monthly installment payment and upgrade options
  • No finance fees
Down payments
If you’re new or you’re adding a new line and you have well-qualified credit, you can get a smartphone for $0 down.1 A down payment may be required and depends on a variety of factors. If required, it will be either 30% of sales price or a dollar amount ranging from currently $0 to $600 (amount subject to change and may be higher). You can also choose to pay more upfront to lower the monthly installment payment.

Eligibility requirements
New credit checks aren't required if you’re upgrading with an installment plan. If your account balance is past due or has been suspended for non-payment, you may not be able to upgrade with a new AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year installment plan. There's a limit on the number of devices allowed under the Next program.

Upgrade options with eligible trade-in
When you have a smartphone with AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year, there are two ways to upgrade with an eligible trade-in (learn more about trade-in requirements):

  • Pay to upgrade:2 After you make two monthly payments, you can pay the required balance to become upgrade eligible (either 50% with AT&T Next Every Year or 80% with AT&T Next of the total sales price).
  • Reach upgrade:2 Pay your monthly installment payments until you reach upgrade eligibility (either 50% or 80% of the total sales price depending upon your installment plan).

Compare installment pricing options from your computer

Compare smartphones and installment pricing

  1. Go to Shop smartphones.
  2. For each smartphone you’re interested in, check Compare.
  3. At the top of the page, select Compare.
  4. Next to Pricing, select a contract term from the menu.
  5. See the price comparison for each smartphone.

See cost breakdown of AT&T Next plan and AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced

  1. Go to Shop smartphones.
  2. Follow the prompts to select a new smartphone, then Continue.
  3. Select the What’s this? for the AT&T Next option you’d like to compare.
  4. See an example cost breakdown using the smartphone and AT&T Next plan you selected. FYI: The example comparison uses an AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced℠ plan.

Benefits of ordering online

We offer some of the following benefits and conveniences when you order online:

  • Online-only offers - Same great offers available online as in-store and you have the option to take advantage of many online-only offers. Check out our latest deals.
  • Hassle-free returns - Send it back within the 30-day return policy and pay no return shipping or restocking fees3.
  • Express shipping - Your new phone will ship as early as tomorrow.4
  • In-store pickup - Order online and arrange in-store pickup for eligible orders. Learn more
  • Hand delivery with Expert setup – No additional cost. Select locations. Learn more about ENJOY® delivery.

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Last updated: December 7, 2022