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Wireless Plans

* Plan Details: Additional monthly charge per device and for additional data. Automatic overage charges apply for data use exceeding monthly allowance. Activation fee, taxes, additional deposits, and other restrictions may apply. Mobile Share: Up to 10 devices per plan. Unlimited Talk & Text for phones only. Subject to change. Coverage and service not available everywhere. Other Monthly Charges Per Line: May include federal and state universal service charges, a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), a gross receipts surcharge, an administrative fee, and other government assessments. These are not taxes or government required charges.


Up to ten devices per plan. Additional monthly charge per device. Tablets sold at a discounted price not eligible. If you exceed the amount of data in your plan during your billing period, an additional 300MB, 500MB, or 1GB is automatically provided as specified in your rate plan. Overage charges are billed to the primary line. All data allowances, including overages, must be used in the billing period in which the allowance is provided, or they will be forfeited. Authorized users on the account may temporarily suspend data access for each device using the Mobile Share Plan. Data access will be restored at the beginning of the next billing cycle. Monthly charges, however, will continue to apply. Tethering and Mobile Hotspot use are permitted with up to five (5) simultaneous devices. Additional monthly charge per device not eligible for discounts. Additional deposits and other restrictions may apply. International use not included.

** Savings compares Mobile Share Value plan pricing for smartphone line on AT&T NextSM or no annual service commitment to one on a 2 year agreement. Per smartphone savings will be $25 on plans 10 GB and larger, and $15 for plans less than 10 GB. Other charges & restr's apply.