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New and existing customers get $250 in bill credits when they add their phone to a new or existing wireless plan. Online only.
Ltd time. Requires port-in of new line & elig. service. Other terms apply. See offer details
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Switching is easy! Plus, current customers can add a line or upgrade to a new wireless plan.

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Contact us, your current provider, or the device manufacturer. Here’s help for current customers.

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Choose a new plan or add a line to an existing wireless plan.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I bring my own phone or device to AT&T?
    BYOD means you bring your own unlocked, compatible device to AT&T. Even if you didn't buy your device from AT&T, you can activate your phone on a new AT&T plan.
  • What is the biggest benefit of BYOD?
    No contract! Transfer an eligible, unlocked phone you own and love to a new AT&T plan. Or, you can switch a newly-purchased phone from your current provider to AT&T.
  • What is a SIM or eSIM card?
    SIM cards are small plastic cards that are inserted into your phone. They have a unique ID number and store your personal data. An electronic SIM is called an eSIM, and it can be activated over the internet. All wireless phones have SIM cards, but only Dual SIM devices have eSIMs.

Getting a new wireless plan doesn’t mean you have to ditch your current phone. Keep the smartphone you love and change your plan with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at AT&T.

How does BYOD work? You can bring over a network compatible, unlocked smartphone to use with your new plan, and you’ll need to order a SIM kit. Bring Your Own Device isn’t just for phones. You can also bring over wearables and tablets.

BYOD comes with some amazing benefits. You don’t have a contract, and you can keep your current number if it’s eligible for transfer. Grab your favorite phone, wearable or tablet and make the switch.

You can also bring your own device (BYOD) to AT&T PREPAIDSM. Just make sure your unlocked phone is compatible, get your SIM and pick a PREPAID plan. Enjoy nationwide 5G connectivity on the AT&T PREPAID Unlimited Plus plan.1

1 AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G not available everywhere. Go to att.com/5Gforyou for details. After 22GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy