spectrum smarts

We ended 2013 with an LTE network that has more coverage than T-Mobile’s, that’s faster than Verizon’s and that’s more reliable than anybody’s. But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped thinking about how to make our network even better.

No one drops fewer calls than AT&T. We ended 2013 in a dead heat with Verizon for fewest dropped calls. And our other two national competitors had twice as many or more dropped calls.1

We’re making the right investments to ensure that our customers get the best wireless experience possible. That extends to our efficient use of spectrum — the airwaves that allow smartphones and tablets to work. And we’re adding more spectrum to help us stay ahead of soaring demand for mobile Internet services. During 2013, AT&T closed more than 60 deals to acquire spectrum and wireless operations to make sure our customers continue to enjoy faster mobile Internet connections and highly reliable voice service.

1AT&T drops less than 1 percent of calls.