a simpler approach to better solutions

A fast-moving startup inside a Fortune 11 company? AT&T’s Emerging Business Markets (EBM) organization is exactly that. Formed in late 2012, EBM has produced results in record time by taking a new approach to the marketplace.

EBM was born from a simple concept. Mid-size businesses want integrated solutions from a single source, and they like to buy from fewer suppliers. That’s why these businesses turn to solution providers who create custom applications and services for their customers by integrating the technologies of a variety of vendors.

So, in its first 90 days, EBM launched the AT&T Partner ExchangeSM reseller program to sell AT&T’s advanced solutions to these solution providers. They bundle our offerings with hardware, software and managed services of their own to create custom solutions for their customers. AT&T enables the providers to resell our solutions, and they own and manage the relationship with the end-user business customer.

foundry principles

EBM is different from anything AT&T has done before, but it was heavily influenced by our AT&T Foundry® innovation centers. The team applies Foundry principles to everything it does, taking an approach that is:


In framework and mindset, finding ways to say “yes.”


Using new design approaches to create better solutions and features … and do it faster.


Constantly sharing ideas to drive success.


Adapting quickly to changing environments.

Bottom line: We’ve made building a solution for a customer as easy as buying a book online — the solution provider can simply pick and order from our online catalog of advanced solutions. We make every step effortless — from ordering to pricing and marketing. In the process, these simplified processes have transformed how we do business. And now we’re sharing these best practices across AT&T.

As we’ve taken this new approach in our work with solutions providers, their response has been overwhelmingly positive. And this gives AT&T access to new customers and to new revenue opportunities, letting us deliver custom mobility, cloud and IP networking solutions to even more businesses.