conserving our liquid assets

AT&T is committed to sustainability in everything we do. As part of that commitment, we’re always looking for new ways to minimize our environmental impact and to help others do the same.

That’s why we’re teaming up with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Together, we’re finding ways to cut down the amount of water businesses need to cool their offices. Smart, responsible use of water is more important than ever, as severe droughts and water shortages happen more and more often.

EDF and AT&T developed a toolkit to help businesses lessen their water needs. It includes tools to help organizations understand their water usage and calculate potential savings, as well as video guides for how to minimize water usage. We piloted the toolkit in our own business in 2013 and saw water consumption in the trial sites go down by as much as 40 percent. We’ve now set a goal of reducing our own annual water needs by 150 million gallons by 2015.

In summer 2013, we made the toolkit available for any organization — which EDF estimates could help U.S. commercial buildings collectively realize up to 28 billion gallons of potential water savings annually.

AT&T in 2013

AT&T’s goal by 2015

what we can do together

In 2013, we expanded our EcoRatings system. EcoRatings help customers choose wireless devices and accessories using ratings based on select environmental criteria. And our EcoSpace website is a guide to help others address their impact on the environment.