giving businesses a competitive edge

As a technology company, AT&T is in the business of fostering innovation. We’re putting our tools and resources in the hands of developers, and even our business customers. In 2013, we launched an enterprise-focused application programming interface (API) program. APIs are software interfaces that allow business customers, wholesale partners and solution providers to access data and functionality in our network for their own applications.

With access to our APIs, customers can harness our technology to tackle common business challenges and create solutions they can deploy to nearly any device, nearly anywhere around the world. Offering these capabilities is a competitive advantage for us. They give our partners and customers a competitive edge by allowing them to offer unique, differentiated services to their customers.

We’re driven by the prospect of what’s possible when we remove the barriers to innovation. A good example is our mobile identity API toolkit. The toolkit gives businesses access to APIs that can help make mobile transactions safer and easier for smartphone users. AT&T‘s APIs automate fraud-avoidance measures and the completion of basic forms for mobile transactions.

“People are increasingly using their smartphones for online shopping and banking. AT&T is helping our customers — and our customers’ customers — feel more confident and secure when they make mobile transactions.” — Laura Merling, vice president of ecosystem development and platform solutions