U-verse breaks out

Businesses don’t typically grow from an idea into a $13 billion annualized revenue stream in just seven years. But, then again, AT&T U-verse is no typical business.

In 2006, four employees and their families became U-verse testers in a San Antonio subdivision. Today, U-verse is an award-winning, industry-leading suite of IP services serving more than 10.7 million customers in 139 markets across the U.S.

While we’re expanding broadband Internet access, we’re also changing the TV experience. We used to watch TV in the family room. But because U-verse runs over an IP platform, customers can watch hit TV shows at home or on the go from their TVs, tablets or smartphones. And the quality of features has really raised the bar for our competitors — from Total Home DVR and the U-verse Wireless Receiver, to better bundles and popular TV apps like Country Deep.

AT&T U-verse offers great TV apps like Country Deep — an exclusive, interactive U-verse app that features live performances, interviews, music videos and more. Country Deep lets country music fans go behind the scenes, watch live content and build playlists.

With an award-winning app called AT&T U-verse Easy Remote, we’ve even made it easier for our customers with vision and hearing problems to control their TVs with voice commands and gestures.

In 2014, AT&T U-verse received Frost & Sullivan’s North American Residential Video Company of the Year Award for the second straight year. And in 2013, it won the Women’s Choice Award and was named “America’s Best for Home Internet Service Provider” by WomenCertified, Inc.

With all its great features, U-verse is transforming AT&T’s wireline consumer services. At the end of 2013, U-verse represented 57 percent of AT&T’s wireline consumer revenues. It’s been the fastest-growing TV provider in the U.S. since 2009. And it offers many advantages over competing technologies, including smooth integration of services and the system’s ability to automatically download software updates to U-verse set-top boxes — without customers having to do a thing.

AT&T U-verse customers can now access more than 130 live channels on their smartphones or tablets through the AT&T U-verse app, with more than 40 channels available to watch outside the home. So customers can watch TV when and where they want.

“In just seven years we’ve built an industry-leading TV and Internet service,” said Lori Lee, senior executive vice president — Home Solutions. “We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved, but the future holds even more. We’ve just scratched the surface on what U-verse has to offer.”