building in speed and reliability

From coast to coast, AT&T’s customers expect our network to deliver fast, reliable connections. And during 2013, our relentless focus on network quality, backed by plenty of planning and investment, really paid off, says Bill Smith, president-network operations.

“We work every day to make our network even better. Thanks to that hard work, today we can say that we’re an industry leader in mobile Internet speed and reliability.” — Bill Smith, president of network operations

AT&T’s network team has a laser-like focus on delivering a great customer experience. And it’s clearly making a difference. In fact, independent third parties gave AT&T’s network rave reviews for both network speed and reliability in 2013.

“A lot of this success comes back to building the network the right way,” Smith said. “We have designed and built our network for speed, reliability and overall performance.”

One reason the AT&T wireless network performs so well is that cell sites are expertly placed where demand is highest. It’s a wireless strategy known as “densification.” Small cells and Distributed Antenna System units, located in urban centers, sports or entertainment venues and other heavily populated areas, transmit billions of data bits to every corner of the U.S.

Even after we complete our LTE network build, AT&T will continue to invest in the most advanced network technologies ... delivering the benefits of the mobile Internet to our customers, wherever they are.