Superfast internet—and up to $200 in reward cards

Order online and get up to a $150 reward card. Plus, get an extra $50 reward card when you enter NEWYEAR50 at checkout.

You’ll love AT&T Fiber

All plans include:
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AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security¹

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Equal upload and download speeds²

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Unlimited internet data

Choose how fast you want to go

$100 reward card


300Mbps speed

$55 /mo. plus taxes

Features & benefits

  • 300Mbps equal upload and download speeds¹
  • Fast online speeds for the whole family
  • 15x faster upload speeds than cable2
  • Connect 10+ devices at once throughout your whole home3

$150 reward card


5 GIG speed

$180 /mo. plus taxes

Features & benefits

  • 5 GIG equal upload and download speeds1
  • 134x faster upload speeds than cable4
  • Build content, go live, and influence faster than ever before
  • Maximum speed for truly immersive experiences
  • The ultimate edge for elite gaming
  • Supports the most cutting-edge technologies of today and tomorrow

$150 reward card


2 GIG speed

$110 /mo. plus taxes

Features & benefits

  • 2 GIG equal upload and download speeds1
  • 57x faster upload speeds than cable4
  • Strong, reliable connection to support next-gen educational technologies and smart home activities
  • Speed and dependability for connected devices, homes, and security systems
  • High-speed internet that’s ready for business and at-home workplace demands

Get paid to switch to AT&T Fiber

We’ll cover your cancellation fee in full.
After Reward Card redemption; proof of elig. req'd. 300M+ Ltd. avail/areas. See offer details
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Straightforward pricing

No annual contract, no increase at 12 months, and no equipment fees.
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Fastest internet¹

Consistently fast internet, even at peak times².
Now delivering speeds up to 5 GIGs.
AT&T All-FiTM Wi-fi equipment product photography

Breakthrough Wi-Fi® equipment

Next generation Wi-Fi experience that delivers more coverage to more corners of your home
than ever.³
¹Ltd. avail/areas. Fastest among major internet service providers, based on 5Gbps offering. Wired speed maximum 4.7Gbps. Speeds vary, not guaranteed. ²Based on wired connection to gateway. ³Compatible gateway with Wi-Fi 6 subject to availability. Optimal performance requires Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices. Whole home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extenders for an add’l monthly charge.