Set Up Voicemail

Set up voicemail.

  1. SET UP VOICEMAIL: Press the Rotating Side button.
    Note: When NumberSync is enabled, calls to primary device will route to primary VM box. These instructions will set up your Watch voicemail box. To set up your phone's voicemail box, access your voicemail box by pressing and holding the 1 key from your phone.
  2. Select Phone.
  3. Swipe left until you reach the Dialpad.
  4. Select and hold the 1 key.
  5. Swipe up from the More icon.
  6. Select Dialpad.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete setup.
    Note: View Access AT&T Basic Voicemail for tips to manage your voicemail. Go to Troubleshoot Voicemail for solutions to common voicemail problems.

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