Leave your phone.
Bring your number.

Make and receive calls on your smartwatch, tablet, computer, select vehicles, or compatible Alexa-enabled devices.

Make and receive calls on any compatible device

No call-forwarding acrobatics. No app to download. Your phone doesn’t even have to be nearby or turned on.

Stay connected with AT&T NumberSync capable devices

Hands-free calling with Alexa

It’s easier than ever to make a call on multiple devices. Just say “Alexa, call Mom,” and the Amazon Echo smart speaker will get you connected.
  • Apple iPad

    Use your iPad or Mac to make voice calls over Wi-Fi or an AT&T mobile broadband connection. Learn more
  • Apple Watch

    Stay connected with Apple Watch (cellular), call and text right from your wrist. Learn more

AT&T NumberSync® with Alexa FAQ

  • What is AT&T NumberSync calling with Alexa?

    AT&T calling with Alexa, enabled by AT&T NumberSync, makes it possible to link your eligible mobile number to Alexa to make and receive calls from your compatible Alexa devices. After linking your AT&T postpaid mobile number in the Alexa app, you can call contacts or phone numbers hands-free, using your existing mobile phone plan.

    Visit our support page for set-up instructions.

  • How does it work?

    You can ask Alexa to call any contact from your mobile address book by saying their name, for example, “Alexa, call Mom,” or by calling out a specific phone number if the contact is not in your address book.

    • To answer an incoming call, say, “Alexa, answer.” 

    • To end the call, just say, “Alexa, end call.” or “Alexa, hang up.” 

    • To reject an incoming call, you can say, “Alexa, reject call.

    Visit our support page for set-up instructions.

  • Can I make emergency calls with AT&T calling on Alexa?
    AT&T calling with Alexa allows you to place calls to contact emergency services as long as AT&T calling is enabled, and the Alexa device is connected to the internet. You must provide a valid emergency address before making or receiving AT&T calls on Alexa devices, including emergency calls. You should always keep your location information updated in the Alexa app to better assist emergency services in identifying your position. In the event of a power or internet outage, or other connectivity issue, you should use your mobile, landline, or other telephone service.

AT&T NumberSync® for Apple FAQ

  • What is required to use AT&T NumberSync?

    • Your mobile phone must be an iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 9.3 or later

    • You must enable Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone first. For information on how to set up Wi-Fi Calling, visit the Wi-Fi Calling support page

    • Your smartphone and compatible Apple devices must share the same Apple ID

    • Your AT&T NumberSync device must have access to a broadband connection. This can be over Wi-Fi, wired broadband, or AT&T mobile broadband

    • For more about setting up AT&T NumberSync, please visit the AT&T NumberSync support page

  • How is AT&T NumberSync different from Apple Continuity (introduced in iOS 8)?
    AT&T NumberSync works even if your iPhone is turned off or your Apple devices are on different Wi-Fi networks. With AT&T NumberSync, the synced devices just need to have access to the Internet with a Wi-Fi, wired broadband, or AT&T mobile broadband.

AT&T NumberSync® for Apple Watch FAQ

  • What is AT&T NumberSync for Apple Watch (Cellular)?
    AT&T NumberSync for Apple Watch (Cellular) lets your watch work on the AT&T domestic cellular network. You can talk and text from your watch using your AT&T iPhone number and use cellular data. The watch must have its own cellular plan to use AT&T NumberSync for Apple Watch (Cellular) service.
  • Where does AT&T NumberSync for Apple Watch (Cellular) work?
    AT&T NumberSync for Apple Watch (Cellular) works where the AT&T domestic network is available (U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands). Calls and texts over Wi-Fi are also supported on the watch. The watch does not support cellular roaming when traveling abroad.
  • Does my Apple Watch need to be synced to my iPhone to use the AT&T Wireless network?
    Yes, your watch must be synced with your iPhone to have access to the AT&T Wireless network.

AT&T NumberSync® for Android FAQ

  • What is AT&T NumberSync for Android tablets?
    AT&T NumberSync allows you to sync your AT&T smartphone number with an Android tablet to make and receive voice and AT&T Video calls using your smartphone number as the caller ID.
  • What’s required to use AT&T NumberSync?

    You need the following to use AT&T NumberSync with an Android tablet:

    • AT&T smartphone with HD Voice service enabled (for voice-only service)

    • To use AT&T Video Call service on the tablet, you need an AT&T Video Call-capable smartphone

    • Texting requires AT&T Message app

    • AT&T NumberSync-compatible tablet

    • Access to a broadband Internet connection (Wi-Fi, AT&T mobile broadband, etc.) for your tablet device

AT&T NumberSync® for Wearables FAQ

  • What is AT&T NumberSync for wearables?
    AT&T NumberSync for wearables lets you use your smartphone number on your smartwatch. Now you can make and receive calls and send and receive text messages on your compatible smartwatch.
  • What’s required to use AT&T NumberSync for wearables?

    You need the following:

    • An AT&T postpaid wireless account that’s been set up for AT&T HD Voice

    • An AT&T HD Voice-compatible smartphone

    • A wearable device that supports AT&T NumberSync and has eligible AT&T wireless service 

    • An AT&T User (Access) ID associated with the smartphone number

    Note: This ID is unique from what you may have created for DIRECTV or U-verse.

  • How much does AT&T NumberSync cost? Does it count against my wireless minutes?
    There’s no additional cost beyond that of the wireless rate plans for your smartwatch and smartphone. Note that data rates, rather than messaging rates, apply when you use AT&T NumberSync to send and receive text messages.

AT&T NumberSync for Connected Car FAQ

  • What is AT&T NumberSync for Connected Car?
    With AT&T NumberSync for Connected Car, your smartphone number syncs with your car to make and receive calls on the go, even if your phone isn’t with you. Along with the NumberSync feature, this plan also includes 5G access and unlimited AT&T In-car Wi-Fi for $20/mo.

    You’ll be able to use unlimited hands-free calling in your car with your smartphone number. Your passengers can stream, browse, and share from their favorite device with the car’s powerful Wi-Fi hotspot. Plus, you’ll have a strong, reliable connection from your car antenna.
    After 22GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

    U.S. only. Calls to international locations not supported. Req’s elig. vehicle, smartphone with HD voice and AT&T postpaid wireless account. 5G requires compatible equipment and may not be in your area. Details: Svc. & coverage not avail. everywhere. Other charges & restr’s. apply.
    See offer details
  • What vehicles support this plan?
    This plan is currently available for select 2023 BMW models, starting with the iX, i4, X7 and 7 Series vehicles. Please check back in the future for availability of this plan for additional makes and models.
    BMW app and login required.
  • How do I set up AT&T NumberSync for Connected Car?

    AT&T NumberSync for Connected Car can be setup for your eligible BMW through the My BMW App when you activate your Personal eSIM.

    See detailed instructions at