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Life moves fast.
Fiber internet moves faster.

Get the speed and reliability you’ve been looking for with the fastest internet. No data caps.
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Fastest internet¹

Consistently fast internet, even at peak times.²
Now delivering speeds up to 5 GIG.
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Straightforward pricing

No annual contract, no increase at 12 months, and zero equipment fees.
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Breakthrough Wi-Fi® equipment

Next generation Wi-Fi experience that delivers more coverage to more corners of your home than ever.³
Ltd. availability/areas. Fastest among major internet service providers, based on 5Gbps offering. Wired speed maximum 4.7Gbps. Speeds vary, not guaranteed. Based on wired connection to gateway. Compatible gateway with Wi-Fi 6 subject to availability. Optimal performance requires Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices. Whole Home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi® Extenders for an additional monthly charge.

Choose how fast you want to go

All plans include:
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AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security¹

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Equal upload and download speeds²

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Unlimited internet data

Special offer


300Mbps speed

$55 /mo. plus taxes

Features & benefits

  • 15x faster upload speeds than cable³
  • Fast online speeds for the whole family

Special offer

AT&T Fiber

5 GIG speed

$180 /mo. plus taxes

Features & benefits

  • Our fastest online speed to support cutting-edge technology such as elite gaming and truly immersive experiences
  • Engage, stream and connect at unsurpassed speed

Special offer

AT&T Fiber

2 GIG speed

$110 /mo. plus taxes

Features & benefits

  • Ultra-fast online speeds to support smart-home activities, work-from-home demands, at-home learning and more
  • For the powerfully interconnected smart home

More reasons to love AT&T Fiber internet

  • What makes AT&T Fiber internet different?
    Fiber broadband (sometimes called Fiber internet) is an internet service delivered over fiber optic cable. This is different from traditional cable internet, which transmits information by sending data over copper wires. Fiber has the potential to transmit data at faster speeds than DSL or cable-based internet.

    In particular, AT&T Fiber now delivers the fastest internet service of any major provider¹, with speeds of up to 5 GIGs.
    Based on 5Gbps offering. Internet speed claims represent maximum wired network service capability speeds and recommended setup. Actual customer speeds are not guaranteed. Single device wired speed maximum 4.7Gbps. For more information go to
  • Internet powered by AT&T Fiber
    These days, we rely on the internet for so many important tasks. We use our internet connection to check the news, stream entertainment, telecommute for work, stay in touch with loved ones, play video games, and much more. It’s understandable to expect fast, reliable internet. To provide this level of service, AT&T Fiber offers five plans: Internet 300, Internet 500, Internet 1000, 2 GIG Internet, and 5 GIG Internet.
  • Build the ultimate smart home experience with AT&T Smart Home Manager
    Put your devices into a Wi-Fi® fast lane with our intelligent Smart Home Manager app1. The app lets you set parental controls, track data usage by device, and manage screen time2, all in one place.
    1AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi gateway. Limited to home Wi-Fi network.
    2Parental Controls and Data Usage features available with BGW320, BGW210, 5268AC and NVG599 Wi-Fi gateways.

You’ve asked. We’ve answered.

  • What is fiber optic internet?
    Fiber optic internet is a type of internet service where information is delivered over fiber optic cables. This is different from traditional cable internet, which typically delivers information over copper wires. You can read answers to common questions here.
  • What is the difference between fiber internet and Wi-Fi?
    Fiber internet is internet service brought into your home by high-speed fiber-optic cables.

    Wi-Fi technology allows that internet service to be used wirelessly with Wi-Fi enabled devices. Your Wi-Fi devices, such as smartphones and laptops, connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi router instead of using an ethernet cable.
  • What is hyper-gig internet?

    Hyper-gig internet represents a family of plans that includes 1 GIG, 2 GIG and 5 GIG internet speed tiers available from AT&T. All three hyper-gig plans also include AT&T All-Fi, a next-generation Wi-Fi experience for all of your devices.1 If you’re interested, you can go here to see if hyper-gig speeds might be available at your address.2

    You can also read more about AT&T 2 GIG and 5 GIG speeds here.

    1Compatible gateway with Wi-Fi 6; subject to availability. Optimal performance requires Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices.
    2Limited availability in select areas.
  • What is the process for AT&T Fiber installation, and how long will it take?

    AT&T Fiber installation may require a technician to come to your home, even if you already have other AT&T services. Fiber services require different types of cable and equipment, and the technician will upgrade the internet lines to your home to be sure you have our most up-to-date fiber optic technology.

    Though it varies, AT&T Fiber typically takes from four to six hours to be fully installed. Installation can include replacing existing copper wiring with new fiber lines that will provide you with our best internet experience.

    When your AT&T Fiber internet service is installed, you may need a new Wi-Fi gateway. Also, if you choose, we can help set you up with Extended Wi-Fi Coverage service.

    You can visit this page to learn more about AT&T Fiber installation and watch a short video that explains how easy it is to upgrade from AT&T Internet to AT&T Fiber.

  • Will AT&T Fiber be available in my neighborhood soon?

    AT&T Fiber expansion and evolution is ongoing and is all part of the mission to make AT&T the best connectivity provider in America. By year-end 2022, AT&T Fiber and hyper-gig speeds are coming to seven all-new fiber metro areas. You can read more on this year’s fiber expansion here

    There are many factors that contribute to the timing of AT&T consumer fiber deployment, including, but not limited to, resources, local permitting, access to property or community and even environmental factors.  We are constantly evaluating new metros to add to the AT&T Fiber footprint. You can sign up to be alerted if AT&T Fiber is available at your address.

    Sometimes your neighbors may be eligible for AT&T Fiber but your home is not when you check availability. If this is the case, AT&T Fiber may not be available to your home yet, because your neighborhood is at the edge of our Fiber footprint. You can check out AT&T Community Forums for more information.

  • Does AT&T offer the highest speed internet?
    With both download speeds and upload speeds up to 5Gbps, AT&T Fiber delivers fastest internet among major internet service providers in select areas.1
    1Internet speed claims represent maximum wired network service capability speeds and recommended setup. Actual customer speeds are not guaranteed. Single device wired speed maximum 4.7Gbps. For more information go to
  • What are the best deals on AT&T Fiber?

    You can check out our best current offers for AT&T Internet and AT&T Fiber here.

    For existing AT&T wireless customers, you may be eligible to receive a Reward Card when you add AT&T Fiber.1 You can learn more about offers when you bundle AT&T Internet and wireless service here.

    If you qualify, you may also save money on your AT&T Internet service through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program. You can learn more about saving money on your AT&T Internet service through the ACP program here. If you’re approved for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, you are also eligible for low-cost internet service called Access from AT&T if you apply your ACP benefit to that service. To qualify for free2 unlimited internet, you should first get approved for the ACP3, then sign up for Access from AT&T and apply your ACP benefit. You can read more information on how to get free.

    1With elig. postpaid wireless plan. Redemption req’d. Ltd. avail/areas.
    2W/Access from AT&T plans up to 100Mbps. Terms, conditions & restr’s apply.
    3If you are already approved for Lifeline, you automatically qualify for ACP. There is no need to re-apply.