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Get Stingray Music and Karaoke on U-verse TV

Listen to 100 music channels on U-verse TV or on the go with the Stingray Music app. Plus, enjoy Stingray Karaoke on your TV.


Enjoy hit songs from popular genres

Stingray Music on U-verse TV at home

You’ll get over 100 music channels, thousands of music videos, and more with Stingray Music for U-verse® TV and the Stingray Music app. Or, host your own sing-along in your living room with Stingray Karaoke.

Ready to start listening?
  1. Press Interactive on your U-verse TV remote or tune to Ch. 500/1500 HD
  2. Go to Ch. 5100-5174 HD and select OK on your remote to browse genres.
  3. Search for music in the Stingray Music app.

Once you’re up and running, you can:
  • Explore playlists curated by experts to fit your tastes and the latest trends.
  • Listen to top channels like Hit List, Rock, Hot Country, Pop, Dance Clubbin', Hip Hop, Latino Tropical, and more.
  • Watch music videos by your favorite artists.
  • Browse by popularity, genre, theme, or artist.
  • Save your favorites.

Get the Stingray Music TV App User Guide (PDF, 3MB)
Download the Stingray Music channel lineup (PDF, 321KB)

Heads up: Stingray Music and the Stingray Music mobile app are available if you have U-verse TV and internet access.

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Stingray Music app for your smartphone or tablet

Take your tunes on the go with the Stingray Music app for your smartphone or tablet. Be sure you have internet access, then choose how you want to download the app.

Download from your TV
  1. Press the Interactive button on your U-verse TV remote.
  2. Scroll down to Mobile/Tablet, select Stingray app, then press OK
  3. Scroll right to Download screen
  4. Scan the QR code with a QR scanning app on your mobile device.

Download from your app store
You can get the Stingray Music mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

Setup instructions
Once you have the app:
  1. Launch the app on your device.
  2. Sign up for a Stingray Music account or connect using Facebook.
  3. Follow the prompts.

Download the Stingray Music Mobile App User Guide (PDF, 3MB)

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Stingray Karaoke on U-verse TV

Stingray Karaoke turns your TV into the ultimate music machine. Tune to Ch. 96/1096 HD or press Interactive on your U-verse TV remote to start singing thousands of hit songs. You can:
  • Play more than 10,000 karaoke videos.
  • Use a microphone.
  • Add songs to your favorites.
  • Create playlists.
  • Find songs by language.
  • Change your screen background.

Heads up: There’s a monthly charge for Stingray Karaoke. Go to your Account Manager on Ch. 9910 or sign in to myAT&T to change your package.
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