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Phone service with AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber℠ brings full-featured digital phone services to your home. Get more from your home phone with the exceptional call quality and reliability of AT&T.


Frequently asked AT&T Phone questions

Will AT&T Fiber change my current AT&T Phone services?
Upgrading to AT&T Fiber will not change your AT&T phone service. You will continue to enjoy exceptional call quality and reliability. More than 20 features, such as call blocking, call forwarding, and international calling that span the globe, make your digital phone more than just ordinary phone service.

How do I view my call history?
You can review call logs online or on your smartphone. You can even download them from your online account for record keeping or tracking expenses.

How do I set up and use my voicemail?
We can show you how to set up and use your voicemail so you are connected when you need to be. You can also access voicemail from a wireless device or computer with the Voicemail Viewer app.

The online voicemail setup walks you through every step:
  1. Sign in to myAT&T using your Member ID and password.
  2. Hover over Home Phone and select Mailbox Setup.
  3. From the Setup Wizard page, select Next.
  4. Select Generic Voice Mailbox.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Assign each phone number a name.
  7. Create a 6-10 digit Mailbox PIN.
  8. Select Save.

How does my caller ID work?

AT&T caller ID on TV allows customers with U-verse TV and AT&T Phone service to receive caller ID and voicemail message notifications on their television screens. A small window appears for six seconds to announce a new call or a voicemail message, or to indicate there is a message waiting.

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