Prevent unwanted calls

Have AT&T Phone home phone service? If so, you can get free access to several tools that can help put a stop to unwanted calls.

Opt in to use Digital Phone Call Protect

With this free service, you can automatically block calls from known scammers. And, with Digital Call Protect1, you also get an alert on your caller ID if a call is suspected spam. Caller ID alert types include: 
  • Debt collector
  • Political
  • Nonprofit
  • Telemarketer
  • Survey
  • Robocaller

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Block unwanted calls

For more control over unwanted calls, block calls from specific numbers.

You can create a list of up to 100 numbers to block. Set up your list online or simply press *61 after your most recent unwanted incoming call to:
  • Turn on call blocking
  • Add that number to your blocked list

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Screen incoming calls

Turn on the Call Screening feature. Then, choose up to 20 numbers you want to allow calls from. Anyone who calls that isn’t on your list hears this message: The number you dialed will not accept your call. The call ends, and the caller won’t be able to leave a message. Here’s how to set up Call Screening:
  1. Go to your account overview.
  2. Locate the My digital phone section and choose Check or manage voicemail & features.
  3. Select Phone Features.
  4. Choose Call Screening and then On.
  5. Follow the prompts to add up to 20 phone numbers that can call you.

Things to know:
  • Want to delete a number from your call list? Select the X next to the number.
  • Once you create your call list online, use your digital phone to turn call screening on and off:
    • Enter *64# to turn call screening on
    • Enter *84# to turn it off
  • Want to avoid marketing and solicitation calls? Place your number on the Do Not Call list at

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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