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Transfer a number to AT&T

Find out how to transfer a number to AT&T Wireless or AT&T PREPAID. Also learn how long a transfer takes and how to check transfer status


Get ready to transfer a number to AT&T

Helpful tips 

  • Don't cancel your current service! We'll take care of that when you activate your new device.
  • You'll need to pay any balances due your current provider. You may also have to pay an Early Termination Fee to them.
  • We may charge a one-time transfer fee, or an activation fee, for each new line of service.

Make sure your number is eligible

If the number's eligible to transfer, you’ll have to share info about your current account to start the transfer process. Any wrong info may cause a delay.

Check a recent monthly bill or sign in to your current account to verify these:
  • Number you want to transfer
  • Account owner name and address
  • Account owner's Social Security number or Tax ID
  • PIN or password, if applicable
  • Current account number

Transfer a number

There are two ways to transfer a number to us:
  • Activate a new line with a number you're transferring from another carrier.
  • Replace the AT&T number you have now with one you're transferring from another carrier.
If you're replacing your AT&T number with one from another carrier, follow these steps:
  1. Go to your my AT&T account overview.
  2. Scroll to My devices. Find the device you want to transfer a number to and select Manage device.
  3. Choose Options & settings, then Change phone number.
  4. Select Transfer a number to AT&T and follow the prompts.
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How do I check my number transfer status?

How long will my number transfer take?

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