Learn about installment plans on other devices

Find out how to get a new tablet, smartwatch, connected device, or basic phone with an installment plan.

Info about installment plans

To qualify for a tablet, smartwatch, connected device, or basic phone installment plan,1 ,2 you must have:
  • An AT&T account in good standing
  • Well-qualified credit
Good to know:
  • Sales tax on the total sales price of the device is due at time of sale.
  • The installment payment for the device will be added to your wireless bill.
  • Payment details can be found under the Equipment charges section on your bill. 

How to buy on an installment plan

Shop and add a smartwatch, tablet, or connected device 
Just select the smartwatch, tablet, or connected device you want, and follow the prompts to check out. During checkout, select 36-month installment plan.

Add an installment plan for a basic phone
To purchase or upgrade a basic phone with an installment plan, visit an AT&T store or contact us.

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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