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Watch, search, and record your favorite movies and shows, and turn your device into your remote control, with the AT&T TV app on your phone.


Prenote infoIf your device does not have the AT&T TV app pre-installed, see the Download Apps & Games tutorial for further instruction on how to download. You must have an existing AT&T TV account or create one in order to use. Visit AT&T TV for more information.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access AT&T TV
• Watch live television
• Watch your DVR
• Browse and record programs to DVR
• Search for a show or movie
• Edit your settings

Access AT&T TV

1. Navigate to and select the  AT&T TV app.

2. Enter your Login information, then select Log In.

Note: An AT&T TV account is different than a DIRECTV account. If you do not have an AT&T TV account, you must create one to continue. Upon first access, you will receive permission prompts. Select Allow to continue.

Image 1

Watch live television

Select the Watch Now tab, then select the arrow beside WHAT'S ON NOW. Navigate to and select the desired show.

Image 2

Watch your DVR

Select the My Library tab, then select the desired recording.

Image 3


Browse and record programs to DVR

Select the Discover tab, then navigate to and select the desired movie, show or series. Select Record or Record Series.

Image 4

Search for a show or movie

Select the Search bar, then enter the desired show or movie. Select the desired search result.

Image 5

Edit your settings

Select the settings Settings icon, then edit settings as desired. 

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