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U-verse TV Overview

User guide (U-verse TV, Internet & Phone) PDF (5.1MB) Accessible(2,313KB)
Equipment return instructions PDF (291KB)  
U-verse channel directory PDF (956KB)  

Receiver Self-installation guides

Wireless Receiver Self-Installation Guide (ATT110900769-11) PDF(1.3MB) Accessible(1,408KB)
Wireless Receiver Replacement Guide (ATT131790868-2) PDF (1.2MB)  
Wired Receiver Replacement Guide (ATT101500710-4) PDF (1.3MB) Accessible(1,299KB)

Remote control user guides

S-20 remote quick start guide PDF (1.03MB)  
S-20 remote user guide PDF (1,332KB)  
S-10 series remote user guide PDF (3.13MB)  
Silver series remote user guide PDF (260KB)  
A30-RF1 Point Anywhere remote quick start guide PDF (549KB)  
A30-RF1 Point Anywhere remote user guide PDF (2,045KB)  
A20-RF1 Point Anywhere remote user guide PDF (1.70MB)  
A10 Easy Find remote user guide PDF (365KB)  
Remote control TV codes (S-20) PDF (111KB)  
Remote control TV codes (all but S-20) PDF (172KB)  

Troubleshooting user guides

Connecting your HDTV to your U-verse TV receiver PDF (683KB)  
Connecting computers to the AT&T wireless gateway PDF (155KB)  
PC health check ConnecTech PDF (1.4MB)  

Wireless receiver product manuals

Cisco IPN7005 Wireless Receiver PDF (2.4MB)  
Cisco IPN7105 Wireless Receiver PDF (2.9MB)  
Motorola VIP2500 Wireless Receiver PDF (1.35MB)  

Wireless access point product manuals

Cisco VEN401 Wireless Access Point PDF (1.3MB)  
Cisco VEN501 Wireless Access Point PDF (463KB)  
Arris VAP2500 Wireless Access Point PDF (491KB)  

Wired receiver product manuals

Cisco IPN Series (IPN330, IPN430 & IPN4320) PDF (2.6MB)  
Motorola 1200 Series (VIP1200, VIP1216 & VIP1225) PDF (4.73MB)  
Cisco ISB Series (ISB7000 & ISB7500) PDF (2.13MB)  
Pace IPH Series (IPH8005, IPH8010 & IPH8110) PDF (4.36MB)  
Motorola VIP2250 PDF (1,052KB)  

Billing & account management

AT&T interactive sample bill    

Terms of service

AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T Phone General Terms of Service