The ultimate in
internet speeds

Download, stream, and game with stunning reliability on our 100% fiber network.

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Our lowest price ever on fiber-fast internet

Get more speed for your buck with Internet 300 or Internet 1000.

  • INTERNET 100

    Up to 100Mbps
    Good for streaming HD video

    plus taxes for 12 mos.

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    • 100Mbps internet speed.
    • Good for streaming HD video, gaming, and file sharing.
  • INTERNET 300

    Up to 300Mbps
    HD streaming for multiple devices

    plus taxes for 12 mos.

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    • 300Mbps internet speed.
    • Better for streaming on multiple devices, large file sharing, and more.
    • Professional installation included.
  • INTERNET 1000

    1000Mbps internet connection
    Great for competitive gaming

    plus taxes for 12 mos.

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    • 1000Mbps internet connection.
    • Best for connected homes, streaming in 4K, telecommuting, competitive gaming, and more.
    • No internet usage data caps.
    • Professional installation included.

Why AT&T Fiber?

Experience our fastest upload and download speeds and the latest Wi-Fi® technology, all for a price you'll love – plus:

  • AT&T Internet is #1 in customer satisfaction over other major cable internet providers.
  • Internet with over 99% reliability.
  • 100% fiber network.

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The internet you’ve always wanted

See how upping to fiber-fast internet speeds can change the way you work, play, and live.

Elevate your game

Win the day when you game online with consistently fast speeds that give you the edge.

Get smart about your Wi-Fi

Boost your in-home Wi-Fi® experience with our cutting-edge AT&T Smart Wi-Fi tech.

  • Enjoy seamless Wi-Fi coverage

    Auto-connect to the strongest signal with our advanced Wi-Fi® gateway.

  • Experience the Wi-Fi concierge

    Manage your home Wi-Fi® network with the AT&T Smart Home Manager app.

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    Limited to home Wi-Fi network and requires compatible AT&T gateway.

  • Get a personal Wi-Fi security detail

    Stay protected with the AT&T Internet Security suite, powered by McAfee®.


Fast internet + TV. The perfect pair.

  • Save $10 off your monthly internet price.
  • Free installation.
  • Unlimited internet data.

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