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AT&T Mobile Transfer

Move contacts, messages, music, and other data to your new device using AT&T Mobile Transfer.



  1. Use AT&T Mobile Transfer to move your contacts, photos, videos, and more from your old phone to your new one. To download AT&T Mobile Transfer, from the home screen select App Store.
    Note: To learn more, visit the AT&T Mobile Transfer website.
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  2. Select Search.
    device 5116/9006123_02.jpg
  3. Select the Search field, enter "AT&T Mobile Transfer" then select the suggestion or Search.
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  4. Select GET or the Cloud download icon (If you have downloaded the app before).
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  5. After the download is complete, select OPEN.
    Note: You can also select the AT&T Mobile Transfer app on the home screen.
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  6. On your Old phone, select "From this phone" and follow the steps to generate a QR Code.
    Note: Both your old and new devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
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  7. On the New phone, select "To this phone" and follow the steps to generate the QR Code. Use your new device to scan the QR Code from the old one, which links both devices. Follow the prompts to transfer your content.
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