Messaging & Data Unlimited for Non-Smartphones
$30.00 /mo.
Messaging & Data Unlimited for Non-Smartphones

For just a $1 a day, get unlimited text, picture, and video messages plus unlimited access to the Web, search, email, apps, and more.

Now you can spend countless hours on some of your favorite Web sites like CNN, ESPN®, The Weather Channel®, MySpace®, Facebook®, Twitter™, MTV, YouTube™, Yahoo!®  or download games, music, or TV clips from your favorite shows.

Prices are billed monthly and are valid for use in the U.S. only. Charges for international messages sent from the U.S. are $0.25 for Text Messages and $0.50 for Picture/Video Messages. Charges for usage while roaming internationally: $0.50 for each text message sent, $1.30 for each picture/video message sent, and $0.0195 for each kilobyte used. Standard rates apply to all incoming messages.

Watch a video to learn more about Messaging & Data Unlimited.

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