Store even more photos and videos with 10 GB of additional storage capacity in your AT&T Locker account.

Protect valuable memories and make room for more. In just a few clicks AT&T Mobile Share lets you take photos and videos from your phone and send them directly to your computer, store them in your AT&T Locker, forward to friends and family or post to favorite Web sites like Facebook®, MySpace™, Bebo and Photobucket.

AT&T Locker is your safe and secure online media album. Always available when you want them, your photos and videos can be viewed and shared anytime from your phone or the Web. You can relax knowing that your photos are safe even if you lose your phone, switch phones, or just need more space on your phone for new photos.

AT&T Mobile Share allows you to:

  • Send photos and videos easily from your phone to your favorite social networks
  • Transfer photos and videos from your phone to your computer in just a few clicks
  • Save your photos and videos on the Web for safekeeping with 250 MB of free storage
  • Organize, edit, and share photos and videos on your AT&T Locker
  • Share and save full resolution photos and videos up to 10 MB each

If you don't have a Mobile Share-capable phone, you can still send media to your AT&T Locker, in a Picture/Video Message. Just take a picture or video with your phone and send it in a message to 700. Then log in to your AT&T Locker, at, save it to your account and access it later.

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