New wireless plan.
Same phone number.
It’s easy to transfer your current phone number when you switch to the nation’s best network.
Check eligibility

Have the following on hand when transferring your number:

  • Your Social Security number or
    the name associated with your
    current cell plan.

  • Your current account
    number and the PIN or
    password if applicable.

  • An AT&T SIM card is required
    if you’re bringing your own
    device to our network.

Find out if your number is eligible

Enter your 10-digit phone number to see if it can be transferred when you switch to AT&T.

Current number

Keep in mind

  • Your current phone service will work
    until you authorize the transfer and
    the process is complete.

  • Checking your eligibility will not
    affect your current/existing
    phone service.

  • Numbers not associated with a
    wireless device and current AT&T
    numbers are not eligible for transfer.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I transfer a number?

    It varies depending on how you buy your new AT&T phone. You can visit an AT&T retail store or order online and have it shipped directly to you.

    • Ordering in an AT&T retail store: AT&T will send a number transfer request to your current wireless service provider. Then we wait for their confirmation to transfer your old number. Meanwhile, your AT&T handset will be activated into mixed service, which means you will be able to make calls on your new AT&T handset but will continue to receive calls on your old handset until the number transfer is complete. Once AT&T receives confirmation from your wireless service provider, your activation will be complete, and you’ll be able to make and receive calls on your AT&T handset. Your former service provider will be notified that you have activated service with AT&T and will automatically cancel your account.

    • Ordering online and getting your phone delivered: AT&T will send a number transfer request to your wireless service provider and wait for confirmation to transfer the number. Once they confirm, your AT&T phone will ship. Your old phone will continue to work until you receive your AT&T phone and activate it. Once your AT&T account is activated, your former service provider will be notified of your new service with AT&T and they’ll cancel your account.

  • Where can I find my old account info?
    Refer to a recent bill for a 9- to 18-digit number at the top of your bill. Or you can call your current service provider to verify your information. This is especially important if you have a PIN or password on your account that you can't remember.
  • Will checking eligibility affect my current phone service?
    Checking eligibility has no effect on your existing phone service. Nothing changes until you authorize us to transfer your number to AT&T and the transfer is completed.